Rajesh (Tony) Kakar
  Rajesh (Tony) Kakar
Rajesh (Tony) Kakar, Ph.D. (Founder of Systems Solutions Inc.)


Rajesh (Tony) Kakar, Ph.D.


Software and Database Design & Development
Systems Analysis
Expert Witness in the Information Systems field
Data Processing Consultant
Proficient in multiple programming languages including Visual Basic,
.Net, Pick/Basic, Asp, Asp.Net, Html, Cobol, Fortran, C, C+, CGI, Perl, etc.
§ Worked with several system environments including Unix, Linux, NT, Windows, Novell, Pick, D3, MS Sequel Server Database, etc.
§ Designed & developed software for Inventory Management, Manufacturing, Job Shop, Consignment, Loans/Contracts Management, Integration with Bank Clearing Houses, Electronic Billing, Utility Billing, Collection Systems, Accounting, etc.

Professional Summary

Over twenty-five years of Data Processing Consulting and Programming experience.
Consultation and Systems Analysis services provided for numerous companies and academic universities.
Designed, developed, and implemented several accounting, billing,
operations, and control software systems for various industries including health,
distribution, and manufacturing. Contracted several times as Senior Project Manager,
Systems Analyst, and Expert Witness in the field of Information Systems Management, Distribution, and Accounting.

Employment History

From: 1982 To: Present
Systems Solutions Inc. in Phoenix, Arizona
Position: President & CEO
Systems Solutions Inc. is a full service computer group and an Internet Services
Provider, which employs professionals providing consultation, support, custom programming, web design, web hosting, web development, software, hardware, supplies, training, repairs, etc.

From: 1978 To: 1984
Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona
Position: Assistant Professor, College of Business Administration
Taught computer programming, database management concepts, management science, and accounting.

From: 1972 To: 1978
Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas
Position: 1975-1978: Research Assistant/Data Processing Consultant, College of Agricultural Sciences
1974-1978: Instructor, College of Business Administration
Taught business mathematics and computer programming.
1972-1974: Instructor, Mathematics

Consulting History

From: 1993 To: 2007
Terri’s Consign and Design in Arizona
Duties: Furniture/Art consignment stores. Provided initial and ongoing consultation for the automation of the inventory control, the consignment process, the consignor payables and checks, and the point-of-sale system. Provided customized software applications including inventory control, purchasing, order entry and point-of-sale, art/furniture consignment system, accounting, bank reconciliation, and time clock. Networked multiple stores in several cities together with one server.

From: 2000 To: Present
My Sister’s Closet in Phoenix, Arizona
Duties: Clothing/Furniture consignment stores. Provided initial and ongoing analysis and consultation for hardware and software requirements. Supplied consignment system software and designed and developed customized upgrades to the software. Involved in hardware research, procurement, testing, and installation/setups. Supported numerous store locations and assisted with new store startups. Provided ongoing internet connectivity and support and networking of all stores.

From: 1990 To: Present
Smith, Rouchon and Associates, Inc. in Jackson, Mississippi
Duties: Collections agency. Provided consultation and supplied accounting software for collection agencies. Designed and developed customized payroll software upgrades.

From: 1987 To: Present
Excel Ice Cream Company in Phoenix, Arizona
Duties: Retailer/Distributor. Provided consultation and supplied accounting, inventory management, and point-of-sale software for ice cream and candy distribution and retail store.

From: 1990 To: Present
Medical Data Exchange in Long Beach, California
Duties: Medical collection agency. Provided consultation and supplied accounting software for medical collection agencies.

From: 1996 To: 2007
Red Door Spa Holdings (formerly Elizabeth Arden Salons) in Phoenix, Arizona
Duties: Retailer. Provided consultation and customized our payroll and human resources software systems to work for all the Elizabeth Arden and Red Door Spa stores. Integrated with several other systems to gather and process data. Collection of POS data in payroll.

From: 1993 To: 1997
Greyhound / Finova in Scottsdale, Arizona
Duties: Loan servicing corporation. Provided software and hardware analysis and consultation, designed and developed customized software applications including loans/contracts system with menu security, integration with bank clearing houses, collections system, integrated accounting and office automation.

From: 1988 To: 1993
Concord Servicing Corporation in Scottsdale, Arizona
Duties: Loan servicing corporation. Provided initial consultation and designed and produced loans management software for client. Client was ordered by the legal system to quit using their software in six weeks. Worked day and night to get them converted into our system.

From: 1996 To: Present
Homestyle Galleries in Tucson, Arizona
Duties: Furniture consignment stores. Provided initial analysis and consultation for hardware and software requirements. Supplied specialized furniture consignment software and related services.

Litigation Support Experience

Expert witness in court cases involving software piracy and data processing.

Date: May 2006 - Oct 2008 Client: Gallagher & Kennedy, P.A.
Cyberdyne Systems, Inc. v. BGI, Inc.
Project: Software Copyright Infringement and Illegal copying of Software
Status: Settled recently after several depositions and Expert reports.

Date: Apr. 2006 Client: Gallagher & Kennedy, P.A.
Case 830 Patent litigation between Golfswitch & Cyprus Software
Project: Mapping characteristics and significant topics of a patent.
Status: Early stages of discovery.

Date: May-Oct, 2005 Client: Gallagher & Kennedy, P.A.
Case Immedient v GTX Corp., PayByTokens Corp., and PBClick Corp.
Project: Case #: CIV-02-2211 PHX-PGR Analyse software quality and write a comprehensive report for Judge.
Status: Settled.

Date: Mar. 2003 Client: Renaud, Cook & Drury, P.A.
Case Graphcom adv. CRC
Project: Consultation and letter to resolve client/vendor dispute.
Status: Settled.

Date: Sep. 1987 Client: Softshare, Inc.
Case Advantage Information Mgmt Svcs, Inc. vs. Softshare, Inc.
Project: Case #: CIV 86-1068 PHX CAM Deposition, report, trial, concerning whether software written by ex-employee was a copy of the software by ex-employer.
Status: Softshare, Inc. won that case.


1978 Texas Tech University Ph.D., Business Administration
1976 Texas Tech University MS, Statistics
1972 University of Delhi, India MS, Mathematics


§ Wrote several journal articles which were eventually published when served as an assistant professor of statistics and information systems at Arizona State University.

Professional Associations and Achievements

As a professor at Arizona State University, chaired doctoral dissertation defense and assisted graduate students with their data processing needs.

Used to be a member of American Institute of Decision Sciences and several other related professional associations.

Passed first two exams of the Society of Actuaries to become a certified Actuary.